1. “It’s Too Expensive”

Price is at the top of just about every prospective client’s objection list, with almost six in every 10 buyers wanting to discuss it on the very first call. Of course, this can be a nightmare for a salesperson who just wants to guide the client through a product or service’s features and benefits. When a customer balks at the price, it can feel daunting to close the sale.
One way to handle the dreaded pricing objection is to give the customer some time to object. Let them voice their concerns (and truly listen to what they’re saying), and then ask any follow-up questions that help summarize their objection. Talk through it with them. Emphasize the product’s value, but avoid discussing price right away. Instead, ask them to consider what it will cost them if they do nothing, and help them consider the bigger picture of their business and bottom line.

2. “I Don’t Like Contracts”

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