About Us


Business planning. Budgeting. Forecasting. Evaluating ideas. Evaluating talent.
We have the expertise.


Creating a brand, protecting a brand, building a brand, competing with
a brand.
We have the knack.

Video marketing, content marketing, blogging, SEO, social media, podcasting, radio, print and TV.
We have the know-how.

Managing teams, managing projects, managing people, managing ideas, managing divisions.
We have the background.

Corporate relations, investor relations, client relations, sales relations.
We have the skills.

Online, on podcasts, on social media, on youtube, on apps, on mobile, and on the top of Google.
We have the talent.

Local markets, national markets, international markets, vertical markets, online markets, offline markets, emerging markets,
We have the aptitude.

Technology, software and SaaS, healthcare, advertising, consulting, consumer products, financial services, industrial products, defense industries, business services, beer, wine coffee & cannabis
We have the experience.

Startups. Mid size. Large firms. Corporations.
We have the savvy.